Summary of major Announcements from Cisco Live US 2019, San Diego

AI and machine learning for the network

Cisco announced several software upgrades designed to add more AI and machine learning to the network, with new network automation and analytics tools meant to help enterprise IT teams gain more insights and visibility into network data.

Multi-cloud, IoT, and AR/VR will change the network industry

In the keynote address, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins discussed the continuing explosion of emerging technologies including IoT, blockchain, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and the need to re-architect networking to accommodate dynamic environments.

Multi-cloud connectivity is a growing topic, as enterprises have multiple devices across a range of networks, along with ongoing security concerns. Cisco is also working on improving organizations’ ability to glean insights from the data they collect.

Cisco DevNet certifications = software development +  network engineering

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins mentioned that the IT team of the future will have a combination of Infrastructure Engineer and Software Developers, with that an announcement was made on the retiring of legacy CCIE [ Cisco Certified Internet Expert, highest certification from Cisco] and new CCIE was announced on DevNet to its professional certification program, joining software developers with network professionals under a new community-based developer center to speed the progress of network automation across businesses.

New certifications include DevNet certifications to validate software professionals, streamlined certifications to validate engineering professionals, and training to help entry level professionals in both the network and software industries.

Unified IT collaboration platform

All Cisco devices will be on the same operating system, making it easier to move between them

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