Quantum Computing: Weekend reading

Well spent long-weekend, read “Quantum Computing for Computer Architects”, excellent book to understand fundamentals of Quantum Computing.


With my rusty quantum physics concepts, It took me some time to wrap my head around the difference between classical computing and quantum computing. Classical computers are binary, the bit can exist only in one of two states, either 0 or 1 while subatomic particles could exhibit innumerable states at the same time. Imagine a tennis ball,  point A on one end of the circumference  is 0 and the point B on the other end of the circumference is 1, in the quantum computing qubit ( equivalent of bit in the binary / classical computing world), a qubit, the entire tennis ball can hold countless states and relating those states between qubits enables certain correlations that make quantum computing well-suited for a variety of specific tasks that classical computing cannot accomplish.

As of today the only company selling quantum computers is D-Wave, but unfortunately their architecture does not perform arbitrary quantum gate operations on sequences of qubits. https://www.dwavesys.com/

Quantum computing, though not commercialised yet, will definitely change the course of technological evolution in few years and if you are related to any Information Technology domain you should start learning about this disruption technology;  if you wish to learn more about the fundamentals and see quantum computing in action:-





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